Welcome to the We Are Women Owned Sisterhood

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Starting a business can feel so exciting. The freedom! The potential! It’s finally your turn to use your knowledge, skills, and talents to make a positive impact in your industry and your community in that special way that only you can. And bonus: you finally get to take more control of your own income.

→ Who’s in charge of your schedule? You are! Goodbye, 4 AM “emergency” emails from your old boss.

Who gets to decide which projects and partnerships to take on? You do! See ya later, nightmare clients.

→ Who gets to decide what pieces you’ll stock? Yup, still you. Goodbye, lack of size diversity, and hello, ethical & inclusive suppliers!

And yes, while starting a business can be totally amazing, it can also feel overwhelming and lonely -- especially in the beginning when it’s just you, holed up in your apartment -- completely alone -- working 16-hour days.

Your primary relationship is with your laptop (it’s normal for the keys to have fingertip impressions in them, right? 😬)

→ Google becomes your new bestie

→ You’re spending all of your “free” time enrolling in online courses so you can master everything from PR and paid advertising to business licenses and accounting, just to keep your little business afloat

But guess what? You don’t have to do it alone. And building a successful business doesn’t have to be so isolating, mysterious, or cutthroat.

That's why we're here!

Not long after leaving my career as a retail buyer in NYC to start a lifestyle blog and an online boutique, I found myself craving connection and community.

Following my dreams was exciting, but it was also so lonely. My days consisted of me, my laptop, and my inventory. That’s it.

While I was lucky to have a supportive husband in my corner to cheer me on and help me troubleshoot tech when I needed it, I was on my own when it came to pretty much… everything else. Brainstorming next year’s marketing plan? Figuring out how much money to set aside for taxes? Watching tutorials on how to set up email confirmations? You guessed it: all me.

I ached for a space where I felt comfortable asking questions and leaning on a community that legitimately understood what I was going through. I needed a sisterhood.

I couldn’t find the community I was looking for, so I created it.

My yearning for community prompted me to start a series of pop-up events as a way to bring women-owned businesses together. And while these pop-ups were an excellent way to make meaningful connections and meet other women-identifying business owners, I eventually started to feel like I could do more by bringing these events online: make this community more accessible, include more people (even those outside of my corner of the world), and make an even greater impact for the women who needed it most.

That’s how the Sisterhood was born.

Wouldn’t it feel magical to have 24/7 access to a safe, supportive, uplifting space where you could…

  • ask questions without fear of judgment
  • meet your new business soulmates

  • be surrounded by likeminded, purpose-driven, emerging entrepreneurs who really get you

  • brainstorm, strategize and collaborate with people who are genuinely rooting for you to succeed

  • never have to worry about feeling seen, heard, and valued

  • share lessons, resources, and ideas

  • learn from industry experts

The We Are Women Owned Sisterhood

It’s our networking and business education community where purpose-driven, emerging entrepreneurs -- like you -- can feel seen, heard, and unconditionally supported.

The We Are Women Owned Sisterhood might just be the perfect place for you if:

You get that we’re stronger together, and you believe there’s more than enough success to go around

You’re a kind, caring person who truly believes in the power of community

You’re tired of feeling stuck and isolated because your friends and family don’t really get what you do

Ready to show up, make big shifts, give just as much love + encouragement as you receive, and be part of an amazing community filled with women who honestly understand your values and your mission?

Here’s everything you’ll get inside:


Do I need to own a certain kind of business to join?

If you’re a female-identifying entrepreneur or creative, you’re welcome here! We’re talking product-based businesses, service-based businesses, e-commerce businesses, content creators, freelancers, shop owners, solopreneurs, makers, do-ers, copywriters, marketers, full-time, part-time, and so on! If you’re a kind, caring person with a purpose-driven business, you can sit with us. 😎

Is the WAWO Sisterhood a Facebook Group?

The WAWO Sisterhood is NOT a Facebook group -- yay! No fussy algorithms to deal with. No getting distracted by photos of your friend’s adorable puppy/baby/house and forgetting why you got online in the first place. No accidentally seeing your uncle’s latest wild conspiracy post and ruining your inner peace for the next three days.

You can choose to sort by chronological order, most popular, or posts you’ve recently interacted with. That means you can be sure your posts will be seen, AND you have control over the posts you want to see!

You’ll also be able to create your own profile, search through our Sisterhood member directory, and communicate with members & hosts through private or group chats.

Annnnd another cool feature: you can access the community from a browser on your computer or an app on your phone!

How does membership work?

When you click “join now,” you’ll be able to choose your plan! You can pay month-to-month, or you can save 25% and sign up for a whole year (that’s like getting 3 months totally free!).

What if I want to cancel my membership?

No problem! If you sign up for the monthly subscription, simply cancel your plan anytime before the next payment period arrives. If you signed up for an annual plan, you’ll be able to cancel at the end of your year-long commitment.

I live outside of the U.S. Can I become a member?

Absolutely! While the majority of our community members are based in the U.S., those residing outside of the U.S. are welcome to join. Do keep in mind that our live calls typically take place between 1 - 3 PM EST & 7 - 9 PM EST. If you are unable to attend our virtual events while they are taking place, you'll have access to the recordings afterward.