Welcome to the We Are Women Owned Sisterhood

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We Are Women Owned Sisterhood

About Us

Welcome to the We Are Women Owned Sisterhood!

Whether you’ve come here specifically to learn more about the Sisterhood, or you’ve stumbled upon us on accident, we’re so happy to have you here!

The We Are Women Owned Sisterhood membership community provides a safe, supportive, uplifting space for emerging purpose-driven women entrepreneurs in the product & service space to network, collaborate, brainstorm, strategize, share resources and problem solve with the support of fellow peers, Team WAWO & guest Industry Experts to overcome challenges, help one another achieve their goals & hold each other accountable!

It’s a place where women business owners in the product space, service space, and beyond can come to feel seen, heard, and unconditionally supported by an army of brilliant, powerful women just like them!

Why You Should Join Us

We're stronger together & we shouldn't have to go it alone!

As a member of the We Are Women Owned Sisterhood, here are just a few of the perks you can look forward to:

  • Networking: You’ll be given the opportunity to connect, problem-solve, and learn from the sisterhood.
  • Support Calls: Once a month, Lisa, founder of WAWO, will host a WAWO Sisterhood Support Call, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other members and support each other on a deeper level. Let us where you need support and we'll put our brains together to offer insight, suggestions & resources to help support you! 
  • Membership Directory: You’ll be listed in our in-platform membership directory, and have access to the contact info of other WAWO Sisterhood members.
  • Digital Marketing & Brand Visibility Resources: We’ll be providing you with advice and resources to help you increase your brand's visibility & your digital marketing efforts, so you can take your business to the next level and get in front of your ideal clients & customers. 
  • Office Hours with Industry Experts: In addition to our monthly Support Calls, we're inviting our fellow expert friends to join us and share their knowledge, advice, tips, and insight with Sisterhood members on topics like social media, online marketing, receiving press, entrepreneur mindset and more!
  • Engagement Bonuses: We'll be offering monthly & quarterly rewards throughout the course of the year to members who are the most active and engaged within the community! The more you engage with us, the higher the chance you'll have of winning a prize! See Member Rewards for more details.
  • Lifetime Pricing: That's right! No matter how many times the price goes up for new members, your price is locked-in & will never change so long as you continue to remain a member of the WAWO Sisterhood!
  • & so much more!

If you’re craving sisterhood, feeling stuck, alone, isolated, are desiring a shift in your business while having an amazing community to turn to, and are prepared to give just as much as you are to receive, we invite you to join us today inside the We Are Women Owned Sisterhood!

We're here for you, sister!

Upcoming Sisterhood Events:

Thursday, November 12th - Sisterhood Support Call
Thursday, November 19th - 4 Simple Steps To Permanent Profitability
Thursday, November 19th - Meet Your Sisters: Virtual Happiest Hour 


Do I have to own a certain kind of business to join?

All female-identifying entrepreneurs & creatives are welcome! We're talking product-based businesses, service-based businesses, e-commerce businesses content creators, freelancers, shop owners, solopreneurs, artists, designers, makers, copywriters, marketers, photographers, etc, full time, or part-time.

Is the WAWO Sisterhood a Facebook Group?

The WAWO Sisterhood is NOT on Facebook, which means there are NO fussy algorithms to deal with! Not only will your posts be seen, but you have the ability to control what you want to see, search for what you want, or you can browse everything, all sorted by chronological order, most popular, or by the last posts you've interacted with.

Each member will also have the opportunity to create their own member profile, search through our Sisterhood member directory, and communicate with members & hosts via group or private chat.

Also worth noting, you'll be able to access the community from your desktop AND on-phone app!

Can I cancel my membership?

If you opt-in for our monthly subscription, you may cancel your membership anytime before the next payment period begins. Annual subscriptions are a year-long commitment PLUS, you save 21%, which is the equivalent of receiving 2.5 free months!

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